When diagnosed with optic nerve damage resulting in loss of vision last year I was devastated. I had no healing direction from the specialist and was sent home with a permanent vision loss prognosis.  I was told by a friend about the Cocoon Oxygen Pods and Dr Gary Dennis. Dr Gary put me through a series of neurological tests which resulted in a six month daily programme of exercises and time in the cocoon.   

​​​​​​​My health improved considerably with energy levels increasing and my vision improving. The results have been incredible and I’m super grateful for this treatment. The care and support from Dr Gary has been wonderful and I would not hesitate to recommend Cocoon or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.  
Thank you. Serena :)

I had a severe concussion that I had been suffering side effects
from for over 8 months and I was beginning to think I would never get back to normal.  I had hit a plateau in my recovery and was finding it hard to progress and couldn't return to work properly.  I did a lot of research and hyperbaric therapy kept coming up as something that had worked for other people.  I decided to take the leap and give it a try and it really amazed me how well it worked.  I would really look forward to my sessions and over time feel so much better after them.  It re-ignited my recovery and I personally attribute this as being one of the most important finds in my road to full recovery following my concussion.  I know how hard it is when your going through concussion and I couldn't recommend this highly enough to help get you through those tough times."
Cheers … Scott    

I have been recently diagnosed with cancer and my brother who had been using the Cocoon and telling me of its benefits and recommended I speak to Dr Gary.   Dr Gary was very helpful and soon had me set up with a Cocoon inside my home.  I have been using the Cocoon for 6 weeks to aid my general health and help prepare my body ahead of my Cancer treatment.  As a secondary observation, as an avid cyclist, I have found my recovery after training is improved with generally less fatigue and soreness.  I look forward to being able to report in the future how the Cocoon has assisted with my recovery once I carry out my cancer treatment and would not hesitate in recommending Dr Gary.
Cheers - Greg

I used the Cocoon to help me heal from a concussion due to a fall on my mountain bike. I went from feeling dizzy, tired and sensitive to noise, to gradually feeling back to normal with the help of the Cocoon. In addition to the health benefits such as reducing inflammation & stimulating the growth of new cells and tissue, it provided me with a healing space to be able to relax and meditate which I believe contributed to my overall wellbeing 
With gratitude … J.S.

The Cocoon helped with me with physical and mental recovery after long days of training. Additionally, it provided me with a space to be able to 'check-out' and relax after a long day on the water.
S.J. (Americas Cup skipper)

For 3 years our 14 year old son has had peripheral neuropathy which is causing deterioration of his feet and lower leg. After many tests there is no known cause for his condition and so far no treatments, alternative or conventional, have done anything.  During my research into healing modalities I came across hyperbaric chamber treatment. I read testimonies from people all over the world getting healing benefits from its use. It seemed that it was most powerful for healing the brain, so it made sense to me to try it out for our son. When I was looking into hyperbaric chamber treatment in Auckland I found a few places that had chambers where you could book sessions, but I knew my son would need intensive treatment for a while and knew that it wasn't realistic - financially or time wise, to take him to appointments. So I was excited to find the Cocoon website with portable chambers that you could use at home! Dr Gary provided us with the support needed and set it all up, taught my son how to get in and out safely himself and after the first 2 or 3 "dives" it has been completely hassle-free. My son enjoys his time in the Cocoon, he reads or uses his phone. At the time of writing this he has been in the chamber for 90 minutes every day for about 9 weeks. The things we have observed in this time are; overall calmness and less aggressive / reactive behaviour, an enjoyment of reading books (he has never read for enjoyment before and has needed support for reading at school), and most recently I have noticed a slight change in his walking pattern. He has also recently been enjoying working out every day doing chin ups and push ups and is very easily gaining muscle.
I would recommend Dr Gary and the Cocoons to anyone wanting to try hyperbaric chamber treatment.
So grateful … Louise 

My two year old ASD child absolutely loved being in the hyperbaric oxygen chamber.  My son would either play or fall asleep in the chamber alongside mum.  Hyperbaric was really beneficial for him (and me) – helped with sleep, social awareness and interaction and overall he was a happier bub.   An added bonus was the better sleep I got and less brain fog as a result of doing daily dives  for nearly two months.  We will definitely be revisiting hyperbaric in the future – which our doctor recommended for our 2 year old.    Gary was wonderful all along – supportive, helpful and communicative and the convenience of having a cocoon in your own home means you can have your session (dive) whenever your child is up for it.  
Thanks heaps – MC

Gary went “the extra mile” to help us when we needed a soft hyperbaric chamber urgently to help to regenerate a nerve that had been partially severed by accident during my son’s surgery. I am a Doctor and extensively researched this modality for neurological repair.  It is a safe therapy, and the studies supported the potential benefits for my son, which I am pleased to say we witnessed. We were impressed with the quality and user-friendliness of the Cocoon units. It makes so much sense to have a unit at home to reduce cost and be able to do regular sessions at any time to suit your lifestyle. Gary was friendly, caring, and professional, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Cocoon. 

I used the Cocoon mHBO after hip surgery to enhance my recovery and to also try it out for possible future patient recommendations. I personally found the effects were quite subtle to appreciate in the short term but I am convinced they have helped me recover quicker in the medium term (2-3 months) than without it. Initially after surgery I felt it increased the inflammatory response, causing a little discomfort. But then this settled dramatically after 1-2 weeks. I settled in to an alternate day regime for approx 90 mins, which worked well and felt very beneficial. It helped tendon pain and discomfort, wound healing and I think stronger scarring deep inside. I have not found any side effects or disadvantages, and I am continuing to use it on a longer term basis. I would recommend you try it. It is safe, there are likely to be several subtle benefits you aren’t expecting, and you will be an early adopter of an adjuvant therapy that I think will play a significantly larger part in people’s recovery after surgery and injury in the future. Gary is incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and instils confidence with a positive attitude. His service is excellent. I would highly recommend him.
Mr. Bill Farrington - Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Auckland 

Cocoon has been a life changer. At the time, I was in massive pain and weighed down with opiates for a badly degenerated hip joint. The Cocoon and the treatment and support from Dr Gary in the lead up to surgery was a massive contribution to my overall wellbeing. Oxygenating my system revitalized my body mind and spirit. Sadness and frustration eased, pain decreased, energy increased and my skin loved it! I know it also made a huge difference to my post surgery recovery.
My partner also had great results including resolving a problem with regular headaches that had plagued him for years. The rehabilitation program that goes along with Cocoon is vital in getting the best outcome in recovery. It’s been a fantastic investment in our bodies and quality of life. 
Delany and Rick

I am 45 years old and live with my husband and two boys. For the 7 months following my second Pfizer vaccine (Oct 2021) I experienced a vast range of health challenges. The main concerns were heart, neurological, GI issues and insomnia. It was as though my whole autonomic nervous system had gone haywire. (Prior to my vaccine I worked full time in a national coordination role which is predominately from home with a lot of facilitation of zoom meetings and running face to face workshops. I was healthy, fit and positive and lived every day to its fullest). 
These issues and symptoms saw a dramatic change in my life quality and for several weeks, I was unable to work, drive the car, cook and eat meals with family, walk the dog etc. It was very debilitating and stressful as there was no one that could give me answers as to what was happening to me.  Over this time, I have had two hospital admissions, a few A & E visits, three Cardiologists appointments and a dozen appointments with my GP. Every scan (MRI, CT & ECHO), blood test, heart monitor and ECG came back normal/unremarkable. The only quantifiable thing was my high blood pressure, ectopic heartbeats and raised heart rate. I was put on medications to control these symptoms. 
After reading success stories from people overseas, with both vaccine injury and Long Covid, I started exploring adding HBOT to my healing journey. Initially I made contact with a company who have hard shell HBOT and on the way to my first appointment I was very unwell and had to cancel. That afternoon I was able to make contact with Dr Gary and he had a mild HBOT cocoon available for me to hire. Dr Gary came to our home and set it up and showed me the process. He was extremely knowledgeable, non-judgmental and supportive. Being able to access the cocoon from home was very empowering, meaning I could work around my own timetable and wear my PJs if I wanted to. I made the cocoon a really cozy healing space. For me, this was the start of turning point in my health. I believe it reduced the inflammation throughout my body and slowly week by week I noticed improvements and lessening symptoms. The other additional benefit for me using the cocoon is that it created the opportunity where every day, for 3 months, I carved out time to solely focus on myself. I loved lying in the cocoon listening to inspiring podcasts, reading or meditating. These days I have occasional lingering symptoms but I am back to living my life 100% to where I was prior to this turn of events. I am also no longer taking any medications, supplements or eating a special diet. I am so grateful to be able to access this form of therapy and I credit this as one of the contributing aspects to my recovery. 
Katie Higgins