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mHBOT Leasing

Cocoon makes Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy (mHBOT) convenient and accessible for all Kiwi’s in search of a sustainable road to recovery.

We lease our precision engineered Healing Pods and provide installation, as well as full training, anywhere in the Auckland area.

Please call us, we would be happy to help you put together an mHBOT treatment plan.

Cocoon Healing Pod for Hyperbaric Treatment

 mHBOT Programs and Leasing

All roads to roads to recovery are unique.  Choosing hyperbaric therapy involves a financial risk. You are an outlier, usually a medical failure, on a personal quest to rediscover your health or that of a loved one. Some of the therapies that you have tried so far have fallen short. At this point you may even be desperate. This makes you susceptible to being led down a road to another dead end. Cocoon Healing Pods helps you to mitigate that risk as much as possible, by creating a healing environment in your own home where you have the best chances to maximize your recovery. It is better to do your therapy over time rather than sessions.
mBOT Cocoon Healing Pod Lease

You Get An Individual Treatment PlanWith your personal healing pod in your own home, you can have daily treatments following your Cocoon personally prepared mHBOT plan. This makes mHBOT treatment very effective. Dr Gary Dennis DC will personally prepare your own hyperbaric oxygen therapy plan based on your personal objectives and health status.

Understand Healing With Hperbaric Therapy. The 3 Principles 

Daily Treatment Is Best


When you concentrate oxygen into the body using pressure ... it dissolves out of the body again when you remove the pressure - within the same day. Pressurisation therefore, must be maintained 7 days a week to keep sufficient oxygen in your system to maximise healing. Part time therapy, where you are offered three to five sessions per week will likely result in a partial recovery or no recovery at all. 

Healing Takes Time 


A wound that requires stitches will take about two weeks to heal properly. A broken bone will take between six and eight weeks depending on severity. A back injury can take up to twelve weeks to recover. Recovery from surgery can take six weeks to six months depending on the case.

Every Case Is Different 


The rule of thumb is that the longer you have been affected by your condition, the longer you will need to allow for your body to recover.

Each case will respond differently. Treatment length will depend on your individual situation and objectives and be affected by factors such as age, health profile, stress levels and lifestyle (activity level, smoking, alcohol, diet etc). The more willing you are to make healthy choices such as exercise, certain dietary changes and nutritional supplementation, the better results you will get.  Most mHBOT treatement plans we suggest are a minimum of six weeks of daily treatment for best results.

Cocoon Healing Pods Founder
Dr Gary Dennis DC Will Prepare a Personalised mHBOT Treatment Plan
Lease Hyperbaric Chamber
Inside a Lie Down Cocoon Chamber


Your Health in Your Hands!

Common Questions


Do I Need a Referral?


You do not need a referral to lease a Cocoon Healing Pod. Simply call Gary and he will prepare a personal treatment plan, discuss suitable options and if you decide to proceed, install it in your own home.

Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) Effective?


Absolutely!  Just review some of our many testimonials.  You can also read a selection of mHBOT research material here.  With your personal healing pod in your own home, you can have daily treatments following your Cocoon personally prepared mHBOT plan. This makes mHBOT treatment very effective.

Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) Safe?

Yes! We have treated patients with mHBOT therapy from 2 years to 82 years old.  The pressure changes that occur inside the chamber are similar to flying in an airliner. Full in home setup and training, within the Auckland region, is included.