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What is mHBOT

Cocoon makes Hyperbaric Chamber Therapy (mHBOT) convenient and accessible for all Kiwi’s in search of a sustainable road to recovery.

We provide installation of our precision engineered Cocoon Healing Pods, as well as full training, anywhere in the Auckland area.

Please call us, we would be happy to help you put together an mHBOT treatment plan.

Cocoon Healing Pod for Hyperbaric Treatment

What is mHBOT?

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) is the process of using a chamber to create a pressurised environment, so that oxygen levels inside the chamber are more saturated. It is termed mHBOT in this situation being mild HBOT, where the pressure does not exceed 2bar.

Inside the Cocoon Healing Pod the air you breath inside the chamber has a higher concentration of oxygen. Pressure changes are similar to what you might experience in a jet airliner, so they are very mild pressure changes say, compared to pressure you might experience when scuba diving.

mHBOT is used to maximizing healing potential and is the foundation for understanding how Hyperbaric Therapy works. Nature dictates that healing cannot take place without sufficient levels of oxygen in the body's tissues.

What is mHBOT Good For?

There are a large range of health conditions that can benefit from mHBOT
Visit our "conditions helped" page for a more extensive list. Here are just a few improvements that have been show from mHBOT chamber use.  You can view a selection of references on these topics here.
Cocoon Healing Pods Founder
Dr Gary Dennis DC Will Prepare a Personalised mHBOT Treatment Plan

Your Health in Your Hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Referral?

You do not need a referral to lease a Cocoon Healing Pod. Simply call Gary and he will prepare a personal treatment plan, discuss suitable options and if you decide to proceed, install it in your own home.

Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) Effective?

Absolutely!  Just review some of our many testimonials.  You can also read a selection of mHBOT research material here.  With your personal healing pod in your own home, you can have daily treatments following your Cocoon personally prepared mHBOT plan. This makes mHBOT treatment very effective.

Is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) Safe?

Yes! We have treated patients with mHBOT therapy from 2 years to 82 years old.  The pressure changes that occur inside the chamber are similar to flying in an airliner. Full in home setup and training, within the Auckland region, is included.